A letter from our founder

We will be re-opening on our online store on May 4th. May the 4th be with you. Nerd joke anyone? If there was ever a time where we all needed a little lightness, holy S#@$ that time is now. Did that S#@$ drop throw you off and maybe make you giggle? Hey, I'm trying here, gimme like one little chuckle at least for my effort to make you smile :)

I want to be a resource for your happiness right now, a resource for lightness, happiness, humor, empathy, comfort, calm, joy and empowerment, literally anything positive, I want to help.

To do that: I gotta sell stuff. Yep. I need to sell the stuff so that I can recoup what we lost over the last 2 months of having to be closed. We were not able to get the PPP. Small business is tough. But community is strong. By buying stuff, the majority of that stuff being really damn special and beautiful and thoughtfully made by other small makers and small businesses, you will be helping to keep this business afloat and pivot it to something that can be more supportive and helpful to people during and beyond this pandemic.

Expect some positivity to come. I've been through some monumental life changes amidst this pandemic and I want to use this challenging time as a way to just be an honest, helpful, and kind human. Come on this journey with me, and let's create some collective hope, together.

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