Moorea Seal is a best-selling author 📖, artist 🎨, jewelry & product designer 📿 and tarot practitioner ✨ creating aesthetically pleasing goods to affirm your feelings & support your core needs.

Every Little Thing You Do is Magic: Tarot Deck

An un-gendered tarot deck imbuing centuries-old divination practices brought into the modern age, focusing on mental health, mindfulness, and personal growth. Comes with a card stand & info booklet.


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Every Little Thing You Do is Magic: The Workbook

Learn how to use tarot for radical self-love, personal reflection, and imbuing every day with magic in this vibrant, interactive guide to tarot divination, co-created by the founder of The 52 Lists Project, Moorea Seal, and debut author and illustrator Callie Little.


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