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Changes to Moorea Seal, the person and the company

Hi! If you didn't know, I'm Moorea, the founder of and best selling author of the 52 Lists series. Back in 2009 I started my career journey with a blog that has now long expired, a degree in Illustration and some serious college loan debt, no money, no direction, and a whole lot of faith that I'd figure something out. I shared a lot of vulnerable and honest, courageous things back then. And it is because of that blog, and because of my transparency that I got to where I am today. I let a lot of things go in 2010 and knew I would return to them once again someday, and I know now, it's time. Let me share with you, just what that means...

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I feel in my gut that it's time I get back to where my journey began, sharing truthfully my thoughts on fashion, art, ethics and morality, social media, spirituality, identity, sexuality, mental health, you name it, I probably have an opinion or a weird experience/story to share. 2010 I was 23. Now I'm 33. Big leaps. In 2020, I am stepping into a new sense of self, a new more empowered version of me, one that harnesses bravery and empathy with BIG hope and strength. I've always been strong, empathetic and courageous, but there's something bigger growing in me. I think for all of us, 2020 started with a BANG! A smack in the face. A shock or a big realization that things have to change for things to get better, and it's up to us as individuals to initiate that change. And I, Moorea the person behind the brand, believe it's time for some major change for me and my brand as well. I want to take you along on this journey with me.

I have always been a heavy feeler and a deep thinker, someone with strong intuition, an empath, contemplative and introspective as well as an observer of the world, a healer and an artist at heart. And I want that to shine through my brand, through my emails to you, through THIS NEW BLOG,  and through my store. I don't want to just sell "stuff." I've never wanted to just sell stuff.
I want to provide resources for wellness, self expression, self acceptance and self exploration.

I want to give you the tools to find your own unique forms of empowerment. For me, growing up in a repressive/oppressive religious culture meant that fashion was my only safe way of expressing myself in my community. It was my safety, my one space where I could take risk, explore, and share my identity. And it is from that need to express myself through fashion that I founded this company. It's through my need to find healing through writing that I wrote my book series, The 52 Lists Project. And it's through empathy and knowing I am not alone in my need for many forms of healing and wellness that I decided to pursue hard careers, so I can SHARE with you, those who resonate.


First up, we are CLEARING SPACE. Today starts our first of 4 BIG sales. I am taking inspiration from the 3-4 step journey my 52 Lists journals take you on in helping you to rise. And I'm applying the same steps to myself and my own business.




RISE-UP sale

I am starting the initiative to ONLY stock sustainable and ethically made clothing in our store, bringing in new brands that truly align with our ethos. And to get there, to create space for the new, we need to majorly clean house!

The first sale: GROUNDING. Take 50% off all outerwear, pants, bags and boots as well as my books: 52 Lists for Calm and my home decor book Make Yourself at Home. 

Ready to shop? Shop here!



Well, if you know me on a deep level, you know I have always been extremely passionate about the wellbeing of all people, but most especially teens aging out of the foster care system. I will most definitely write a long blog post about all of the reasons why I am ferociously passionate about the need for support of teens in foster care, teens experiencing homelessness and often pushed into incarceration. But for now, let me tell you how things are changing in our business to better support a group of people I deeply care about.

Starting this Saturday, we are going to start collecting donations of gently used or new clothing, accessories, and jewelry to give to Treehouse, a non-profit that strives to create a better world for kids who have experienced foster care. They want to build a world where every child that has experienced foster care has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and launch successfully into adulthood. I believe in this mission as well.

So! This Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2020, take some time to clear out your closet and to make way for the goodies you will find in our 50% off sale in store and online. Donate 3+ items while at our Seattle store, and you'll receive a gift card to use to spend on anything in our store, as thanks for you generosity and willingness to give.

Infographic via Treehouse

This is just the beginning of the many ways I am seeking to transform my business into something that truly reflects my personal beliefs and ethics. And I hope you feel as inspired as I feel. I'm going to be coming up with more ways to help MANY underprivileged people. So this is just the beginning. I can't wait to share more and I hope you join me in my journey!

Follow me on instagram for daily updates. And check in on this blog for big feelings and powerful changes.

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Hi, Moorea!

I love what you’re doing.

I’m interested in the Intentionally Blank PG Moo. However, I need to know what color, as they are natural and each skin has its own unique personality. If they run true to size, I wear a size 7. My width is pretty average.

Thank you, Moorea:-)

Pamela Y Price

I just discovered your book series 2 days ago and I am exicited (and somewhat desperate) to go on this journey, after hitting a very hard and well constructed 48 year old wall on my birthday, June 20 this year. It became painfully obvious that I had given little (or no) time to my own happiness and instead of “thriving”, I have been “surviving”….and lately, hanging on by a thread. I am not even sure I know how to feel joy, but I am hoping to find a more balanced and positive path going forward and one day tap into the root of joy, buried somewhere deep inside. Wishing you all the best on your continued journey. Stay safe!

Kimberly MacLean

Hi!! I discovered the 52 lists project during a visit at Anthropologie in NY back in 2016 when I was in town for a fashion showroom work week ( i am from Sao Paulo, Brazil ) and felt in love with it! I even bought another copy to my best friend as a birthday gift and i constantly add notes on my journal until today! It’s a fun and calm moment for me! Happy to discover the series got more themes/books! Keep pushing yourself and thriving! Would love to meet the brick and mortar store if I come to Seattle one day! Sending lots of love from Brazil!

Tauane Vicente Modes

I just bought the 52 lists for calm today. And I can’t wait to start on it. Well actually I’m starting on it as I am typing this. I can’t wait to get the others. I am 46 and I have always felt different to everyone around me family some friends. But when I picked up the 52 lists for calm it just screamed at me so it is home in front of me cracked open to almost the first list still reading the before list stuff. I want to say thank you for coming up with this series of books. I know I have been looking for a long time for something to help me help me if you can understand that statement.again thank you.

Tami Owen

I am excited about 52 list book, and I think it is wonderful!!
If a corporation wanted to purchase 80 copies, would there be any price break?
Thank you!!

Jan Bersin

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